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Balkia, the premium plum rakija brandy in Switzerland!

Balkia is a plum Rakija (Slivovitz) from Serbia. The latter is aged for 3 years in oak barrels and has an alcohol content of 43%. Vladan Novakovic, our producer, is based in southwest Serbia. He selects for us the best fruits and transforms them thanks to a particular knowhow, inherited from his family, which controls this craft since now 4 generations. This allows to obtain a rakija of a high quality, ready to be imported in Switzerland and in Europe. It is true that rakija can be distilled from a multitude of fruits, but it is undeniably the plum that we find most traditionally and whose know-how is the most mastered. This mastery gives Balkia bittersweet aromas, perfectly balanced by the sugar and acidity of the plums. Its golden color comes from the oak barrels in which Balkia develops its character. Vladan Novakovic’s product knowledge and production techniques are essential for us to offer the European market a rakija of excellent quality.

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